​We prepare individuals and organizations to thrive ​as we create ​NEW STANDARDS of equitable practices. ​We Institutionalize Equity.

Equity Evaluator Services

Invest time and resource with confidence from community. Participate in the ONLY equity assessment tool created with over 500 years of combined experience and evaluated by a community of most affected.

Included: Survey administration, three community Evaluators, Consultant Referral Service based on results. 

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Standardized Complaint System

We share a complete package of tools and training needed to implement a universal, equitable complaint system compatible with existing legal and restorative frameworks. ​Know your system works for all.

Included: Leadership preparation, employee training, customizable documents and materials, record-keeping capacity.

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Community Ajudicator Services

For organizations and individuals, we offer a network of community Adjudicators trained in a community version of the Complaint System as a crucial step before external complaints. ​

Because it works.

Included: Review of all documents, interviews with both parties, two opportunities to resolve, anonymous peer review case review as needed, specific recommendations, record-keeping capacity.

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